General Data Protection Regulation

We will help you to find your path to data protection legal compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

We will help you to find your path to data protection legal compliance

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Privacy is a brand issue and you need to protect your brand. And if you are not prepared to comply with the growing number of global data privacy laws such as GDPR, you could be exposing your company to significant business risk. Security breaches and data theft have devastating business outcomes. Adverse publicity is only the beginning. The potential liability for lost or stolen customer data and even fines from regulatory bodies, mean that organizations must be able to formulate, implement and demonstrate a resilient and compliant data protection and privacy strategy.

Going to Work for You

At Excellium, we work with organisations across all industries to help navigate privacy and data protection legislation and providing customized solutions that are business enablers.  Our team of certified subject matter experts have a broad understanding of privacy and data protection risks and areas of operational improvement from legal compliance, technology and data governance perspective.  We understand the challenges organisations face when implementing new legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have built our privacy and data protection services.

Key Benefits of the Service
  • Stakeholder awareness: Excellium provide on-site training and information sessions to help organisations fully understand the impact that GDPR has and provide practical steps towards remediation and change programmes,
  • Readiness assessment: A point-in-time snapshot of the current state of your organisation against GDPR and ePrivacy requirements using our validated methodology and tools. This provides a much better understanding of how applicable GDPR is to your organisation and gives a starting point indication as of the areas that require remediation,
  • Data Governance & accountability assessment: At Excellium, we use tailored assessment tools based on data protection management best practices and on applicable GDPR requirements,
  • Data inventory & mapping: Our subject-matter experts have compiled data inventories and data maps across all industries, providing comprehensive records of processing activities with detailed information on how is the personal data collected, processed, stored, shared and disposed of, as well as the relevant data flows mapping inside and outside of the organisation,
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA/DPIA): Excellium assists you by implementing the requirements throughout your organisation and help you to consider privacy risks at every stage,
  • Privacy by Default & by Design: Through a combination of tactical and strategic actions, our team of subject matter experts can assist your organisation embedding the GDPR specific requirements into business as usual.
Key Benefits of the Service
  • Consent & Notice Management & Documentation: Excellium can assist you by reinventing your privacy policies, notices and statements to help ensure that your customers are engaged with your privacy messages and understand how their personal data will be managed,
  • Data subject rights (DSAR): Excellium helps companies address data subject access rights and individual rights requests by providing proven tools, expert consultants and specialized content that ensure a GDPR compliant implementation of DSAR,
  • Data transfers within and outside the EU/EEA (DPA): Excellium experts can assist your organization draft the appropriate and legally required Data Protection Agreements, whether they are Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC), Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), Codes of Conduct or Codes of Ethics,
  • Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS): Excellium offers mandated expertise to public and private organisations required under the GDPR to appoint a qualified and certified outsourced Data Protection Officer. “DPO as a Service” is a practical and cost-effective solution for organisations that do not have the requisite data protection expertise and knowledge to fulfil their DPO obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation. By outsourcing your DPO tasks and duties you obtain access to expert advice and guidance that helps your organization to address the complex accountability and compliance demands of the GDPR, while staying focused on your core business activities.

Our privacy and data protection services are concerned with the appropriate and legal use of personal data throughout the entire data’s lifecycle. This includes how data is collected, processed, stored, maintained, protected and disposed of irrespective of the format and systems used. An organisation that can clearly demonstrate to its customers and regulatory authorities that it proactively addresses the individual’s data protection concerns inspires customer confidence.

We provide comprehensive services for all sizes of organisations to assess and advise on how they manage, process and protect the personal data of both their customers and staff in line with the applicable European and national regulatory obligations.

To find your path to data protection legal compliance feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a personalized offer, which will meet your particular needs and objectives.

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